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I'm Joy, A Social
Media Consultant

I teach content creators and small business owners how to use social media to attract their ideal clients, grow and monetise  their brands.


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My Services

In this program I teach everything you need to get started, prepare and run your business using 2 Social Media Accounts. I also teach individuals how to start and run small businesses on social media.

My Services

The intersection between content creation and business is a lucrative opportunity most people haven’t tapped into.

My services are packaged to help creators go from just making videos to building a business.

I also create customized programs for entrepreneurs to harness the power of social media for business growth

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Why Me ?

I have run businesses on social media for different clients. I’ve walked the road. I know the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities in running online businesses.

Four years experience - I have been there

You can rest assured, knowing that I have taken the steps you’re taking. I started out online as an influencer, making small money which was extra cash for me as a University student. I started a lifestyle blog and grew it from zero to over 100 email subscribers now.

Multiple successful projects

I have worked on different projects for both local and international companies in Uganda. I have supported media launches, campaigns, promotions and events in the digital space.

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Featured in

I featured in various Ugandan media platforms that are known both locally and internationally and  I would  love you to stand a chance of not missing the good discussions that took place during the event

Read More About the specific events in the articles below

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Coaching Sessions

This program is for small business owners who are ready to make social media work for their brands.

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Joy Akatukunda
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Platform Mastery

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