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Instagram Call To Actions: 30 Crazy CTAs For More Likes, Shares, Comments

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Instagram Call To Actions are a crucial part of any Instagram content strategy.

What is  a Call To Action?

A call to action (CTA) is a phrase or term that motivates readers to do a certain action. CTAs instruct your viewers on what to do once they interact with a certain piece of your content.

Why use CTAs 

  • Call To Actions give clarity to a reader on what next step to take.
  • CTAs help to increase your conversion rates 
  • They also help you to grow your audience 
  • Call To Actions help to increase your sales.

Without CTAs, your content isn’t helping you achieve your social media goals. Every post you make should have a purpose, which is directly attached to your social media goals. 

Some content purposes include; increasing visibility, growing following, increasing engagement, building the community, or making more sales

Matching Metrics With Post Purpose 

Joy-akatukunda - Newletter CTA Final

Social Media Goal(content purpose)  –  Metrics 

Increase visibility – Impressions, Reach

Grow following – Profile visits, new follows 

Increase engagement-Likes, Shares, comments, saves 

Build the community – Comments, Ig live interactions

Makes sales/conversions – website clicks, number of sign-ups, number of downloads, Email button taps, Call button taps, 

Instagram call to actions

Here are 30 Instagram Call To Actions to help you achieve some of these goals.

Call To Actions for more comments

Do you like ____? Let me know in the comments below?

Do you agree with ____? 

Comment with your favorite emoji.

Can you relate to this?

Drop a heart if this resonated with you.

Comment ‘yes’ if you’re going to take action on _____.

Which of these is your favorite?

Call To Actions for more saves 

Save this post.

Hit that save button.

Save this post so you don’t forget.

You may not remember this, save it.

Save this for when you need ideas for ____.

Before I reveal the secret strategy, save this ____.

Save this post for future reference. 

Call To Actions For more likes

Double tap.

Like if you found this helpful

Like if you learnt something from this post.

Double tap if you can relate. 

Double tap if you agree with me on this.

Call To Actions For More Shares

Tag someone who needs this.

Send this to someone who struggles with ____.

Share this valuable info with your besties.

Tag someone who faces challenge ___.

Share with a friend who wants ____ results.

Call To Actions For Conversions

Click the link in my bio for ___.

Visit my bio link to access __.

Get __ by clicking my bio link.

Grab your discount using the link in the bio.

Call To Actions For more follows

Follow me for more tips.

You can follow me to learn more about  ____.


If you want to get the most out of Instagram, know your social media goals and incorporate them into each post you create, then finish with a strong and suitable Call To Action.