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What To Tweet on Twitter – 30 Creative Content Ideas

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280 characters. That’s all the room you have to make a tweet. 

Twitter is a microblogging social media platform that is famous for text-based content known as “tweets.”

It is the go-to platform for brands, businesses, and organizations to interact with their customers, gather feedback, and establish authority in their field.

Whether you’re a beginner or a regular Twitter user, it’s easy to be unsure about what to tweet about on some days. 

For those days when your head is blank, I’ve included 30 ideas to help you decide what to tweet on Twitter.

what to tweet on Twitter
Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

30 Content Ideas For Twitter – What To Tweet on Twitter

  1.  Send a good morning message to your followers and wish them an amazing week.
  1. Create a poll and ask your followers which of your products they love most.
  1.  Share a link to your latest blog post. See the example below.
  1. Check the daily trends for a relevant term or hashtag and share your thoughts on the trending topic.
  1. Share an infographic containing relevant statistics for your industry.
  1. Post a picture of your workspace the office set up.
  1. Share a quote that motivates you.
  1. Share relevant industry tips. This can be a great way to get more likes and retweets since Twitter users love quick tips.
  1. Tell a personal story of when you overcame a challenge and the lessons you learned from it.
  1. Retweet content from your favorite creators and brands.
  1.  Create a tweet chat and invite relevant industry leaders to participate. Tweet chats go way back.
  2. They have been used by brands around the world to create awareness about certain topics or introduce new products on the market. In order to run a successful tweet chat, collaborate with relevant influencers and thought leaders from your industry.
  1. Answer frequently asked questions about your product or services.
  1.  Celebrate a follower milestone. 
  1. Tweet about your favorite tools and why you think your audience should check them out. In the tweet below, I share a new Canva feature coming soon.
  1. Create a how-to thread to help your followers solve a problem.
  1. Share a gif showing your mood for the day.
  1.  Appreciate your followers with a simple thank you tweet. For example; We appreciate all our 5230 followers. Thank you for supporting us.
  1.  Share your top goal for the month.
  1.  Reference a case study made by a relevant brand in your industry and tag them.
  1. Participate in famous Twitter hashtags such as #Mondaymotivation and #Wednesdaythought.
  1.  Post a video that made your day.
  1. Share a funny meme.  People on Twitter love to have some fun.
  1. Ask your followers what they think about your new website or a new logo.
  1.  Share a picture of a book you are currently reading.
  1. Join the monthly challenge and share your top four pictures of the previous month. 
  1. Support a friend or another complementary business by tweeting about their products or services.
  1. Retweet an old tweet of yours that did well in the past.
  1. Post a selfie from your weekend activities. 
  1. Tweet about an event you’re attending. Use the event hashtag to get more impressions.
  1. Promote your products and services.

Bonus Idea

  1. Share this post with your audience ( if you loved these ideas.)


Twitter has evolved a lot. There are more videos and images in your timeline. The number one rule of any social media platform is, you have to adapt and be flexible to change as it comes.

I hope these content ideas for Twitter help you get started creating tweets your audience will love and appreciate.