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12 Brilliant Work From Home Small Business Ideas That You Will Love

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Does the whole idea of owning a small business you can comfortably carry out from your home excite you? 

It might surprise you to know that in a recent survey conducted by buffer, 97% of employees recommend you work from home. Today I’m sharing 12 work from home small business ideas that you will totally love.

Why exactly do employees prefer to work from home?

Although working remotely has its downsides, employees state that it is incredibly flexible, heightens productivity, favors parents with young children, is better for individuals with health conditions, boosts morale, saves money, decreases stress levels and so much more. 

If you find it thrilling to work from your home, considering that apparently, that’s what brought you here, this blog post has been thoughtfully written to guide and help you decide upon a remote job.

What are the most profitable small businesses you can carry out from home? 

A lot of individuals are eager to start a small business but have no idea what it is they’ll be able to do. That’s why I have put together 12 ideas to help you start your own business from the comfort of your home.

Here are 12 work from home small business ideas you need to know.

  1. Online tutoring
Joy-akatukunda -
Online Tutoring

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Thanks to the digital age, tutoring doesn’t necessarily have to be in person any longer. If you possess the right academic qualifications, experience, skills and have adequate knowledge of your niche, there are thousands of students who’ll be needing you to render one-on-one coaching. 

The best part, they are ready to pay any amount for you to put them through courses that may tend to be difficult for them. 

When I use the term ‘students’, your audience isn’t limited to high or undergraduates, you could tutor graduates and even professionals because every wise person is seeking to increase in knowledge. 

Online tutors are highly sought after due to the inability of academic institutions to keep up with every student’s needs. 

Average annual income: $51,000

Job opportunities: Tutorme, SolutionInn, Wyzant, Noortutor.

  1. Virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you will be responsible for managing multiple administrative tasks for your client from the comfort of your home. These tasks include writing letters, travel management, handling emails, scheduling appointments, customer service support, electronic data management e.t.c. 

A virtual assistant handles most secretarial duties and even more. While you’re working as a virtual assistant, you need to provide the best services by keeping up-to-date with the changes in technology. 

If you have great communication skills, organizational skills, fluent English, and strong Internet services, you’re good to go. 

Businesses are in dire need of virtual assistants as it enables them to focus on their core tasks and the revenue-generating aspect. 

Average annual income: $38,000

Job opportunities: ZipRecruiter, Upwork, Payscale, Zippia.

  1. Dropshipping

In simple words, dropshipping allows you as a seller to list products owned by another seller on your platform. Also, you are free to add your profit to the product without actually having them in stock. If a customer shows interest, you only have to send the details to the wholesaler who handles the rest. Whereas you take all the credit.

Dropshipping is by far one of the best business models because you can start with little or no capital and still earn a good sum of money. 

To begin dropshipping, you basically have to reach out to your preferred wholesaler, inform and sign up to drop ship, understand your market, promote the products on social media platforms, and most importantly, adhere to the law. 

Average annual income: $42,000

Job opportunities:  Shopify, FashionTIY, OfficeCrave, National dropshippers

  1. Freelance writing
Freelance writer
Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Most blog owners are looking for fresh content to stay up-to-date with the search engine criteria, most individuals are also looking for someone good at writing articles and research work.

That’s the task for freelance writers. 

To become a freelance writer, you must figure out the niche of writing you find interesting. This is because you’ll need to write in your natural voice so readers engage with your content more. 

Also, be exceedingly fluent in grammar and be capable of in-depth research for client satisfaction. 

You can work from wherever you are as a freelance writer coupled with the flexibility to choose your work hours. 

Average annual income: $70,000

Job opportunities: Writerswork, Problogger, freelancewritersden, Constantcontent.

  1. Social media management

As a social media manager, you are going to be in charge of maintaining your client’s online reputation. You would do so by drafting a content calendar for your client’s social platform, updating social media strategies, and maintaining your client’s social relevance by working on and putting out fresh content consistently.

The basic qualities you should possess when applying for this position are good writing skills, graphic designing, conversational skills, production skills, a solid understanding of content marketing, excellent customer service skills, the ability to handle complaints, and a constant presence online. 

Average annual income: $50,000

Job opportunities: Nodesk, Glassdoor, Agentsclub, Guru.

  1. Babysitting 
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If you’re the type of person who enjoys taking care of babies, you can get paid by helping parents take care of their children for a short period while they’re absent.

Babysitting demands a lot of patience from you, and your number one priority would be the child’s safety. Babysitting is even more fun if you are good at communicating with babies. 

To work from home as a babysitter, parents must be 100% sure their child’s safety is guaranteed with you. To ensure this, you are advised to take some first aid and child management courses, be over 16, ensure your home is void of harmful devices, and be considered mature and caring.

Below are links to websites that will connect you with people close to you in need of babysitters. 

Average annual income: $52,000

Job opportunities:  Next-door, Ziprecruiter, Collegenanniesandsitters

  1. Online Relationship consultant
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Maybe you’re a matchmaker who loves the idea of love, and you are all for helping people gain clarity in relationships. You can coach partners in relationships via messaging, phone calls, or video calls and get paid.

Most relationships need a third person to look into their issues and help them work misunderstandings out–they need you.

It’s essential for you to gain a mastery of human psychology, which will make it easier for you to be thoughtful. In addition, you’ll be more capable of delivering intentional decisions for parties in the relationship. You have to be genuinely passionate about helping couples to explore their relationship for you to thrive in this role. 

If you have a degree in fields of education, sociology, or psychology, then this could be for you. If you don’t have any of these degrees but you’re interested in becoming an online relationship consultant, take some free courses that educate you on counselling on websites like Udemy, Alison, or Reed.

Average annual income: $76,000

Job opportunities: Seek, OnlinecouplescounsellingIndeed, myjobsearch

  1. Food truck owner
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Do your friends and family compliment most of the meals you prepare? Then you should definitely get your food truck where you can prepare meals or snacks you’re good at and make cool cash. 

If your budget isn’t enough to get a food truck yet, simply improvise by using your home and after you’ve made enough profit, proceed to get a truck close to your home. 

You would also get opportunities to prepare these meals in bulk for parties and events. This can also be carried out from your home and a trusted delivery person can assist you in transporting to your clients. 

Average annual income: $70,000

Job opportunities: Jooble, Seek, JobMonkey.

  1. Video Editing
work from home small business ideas
Video Editing

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

Although editing a video seems difficult, it’s super easy when you have the right tools. 

If you have no idea how to edit videos, you can conveniently learn the skill from reliable sources like YouTube, Avid, or Udemy. With the right apps and tools, you only need to bring in some media or characters, modify some parts and maybe include a voice-over to give the video that final touch. 

Sound knowledge of video editing will create opportunities for you to work with filmmakers, content creators, and directors, even from your home. Better still, you can edit your own videos and sell them on websites like Shutterstock, Wistia, or Thinkific.

Average annual income: $60,000

Job opportunities: Behance, Peopleperhour, productionHUB.

  1.   Affiliate marketing

Your job as an affiliate marketer is to promote someone else’s product and earn your commission.

These products could range from physical products to digital products and courses. It’s also possible for you to keep earning recurring commissions especially when the product you’re promoting is a subscription package. 

For you to be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to learn the basics of copywriting and digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is easy to carry out, just ensure you do proper research on affiliate programs and also understand the product you’re promoting. 

Average annual income: $66,000

Job opportunities: Learnoflix, Avangate, Legendary marketer

  1.  Makeup artist
Joy-akatukunda - laura chouette yxcCgzSB iI unsplash
Make Up Artist

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Are you a creative person who’s fond of enhancing features using art? If so, you’re in line with makeup artistry. 

This industry utilizes cosmetics to alter a person’s features either for beautification or to enable them to fit into a custom look. 

You should have the necessary makeup tools for you to start this business in your home. Make sure the section of your house used for this business is well lit and airy. 

To further promote your makeup skills, consider creating YouTube vlogs where you teach people how to pull different makeup looks. This will help you grow your business faster and connect you with well-paying clients. 

Average annual income: $60,000

Job opportunities: Wrkmanapp, Jooble.

  1.   Translator 

You may be surprised to find out that translating is the number one job in the creative and media industry

To pitch a job as a translator, you must be able to highly express yourself in whatever language it is you’re translating.

Making money as a translator is quite easy. Why?

As a result of the significant advance in e-commerce, businesses urgently require most of their documents to be translated into as many languages as possible. This would enable them to pass their message across to their audience faster.

If you have a language you’re extremely fluent in, what’s stopping you?

Average annual income: $66,000

Job opportunities: Talent desireGengo, Stepes, Translators Cafe.


Can I start a small business with no experience?

Yes, you can. Although along the line, you’d probably make a lot of mistakes and, sad to say, disappoint your clients. 

But if it’s an idea you’re passionate about and enjoy doing, go for it!

Where can I get a grant to start my small business?

Below are direct links to grants you can apply for, be truthful about your request and you just might be the next lucky pick.

General grants:

How long will it take to see profit in my small business?

If you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll easily get clients and reap rewards within the first 3-5 months of your start.

Higher profits may take 2 to 3 years. 

What do I need to work from home?

A good workspace in your home is extremely necessary to avoid distractions. The tools you’d specifically need will differ based on business choices e.g a strong Internet connection, electronic gadgets e.t.c 


Incfile’s small business survey in the year 2021 proved that small businesses would explode in the year 2022, and they truly have exploded. It’s advisable to launch a small business even if it’s part-time, as it will be exceedingly profitable over time. I hope these ideas will help you decide on the best small business you can start while at home.